Julia Godden

Helping people find freedom from Anxiety, limitation and struggle

I believe therapeutic support to be THE BEST choice for self care.  

Counselling support, in Nailsworth, Stroud and Cirencester Gloucestershire and remotely for adults who;
  • Want to explore relationships and  different ways of communicating.
  • Are looking for a way to feel differently, to move away from discomfort and painful experiences.
  • Are seeking ways to gain insight  into a deeper place of trust, acceptance and fulfilment. 
  • Want to find ways to cope with what difficulties they are facing. 
  • Want to make different choices, ones that feel more aligned with what they want inside.

    Therapy is an empathic and supportive space where, over time we work together to find ways to resolve your problem and navigate a way of dealing with the situation at hand and improving your psychological or physical health and sense of well-being, all in a supportive environment.

More information about counselling with me can be found here

Therapy for Individuals

Thank you for being here. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Support is offered, face to face and outdoors in nature as well as remotely.

If you need URGENT SUPPORT Please look at resources here.

I offer scheduled counselling to adults, who find themselves reaching out for support in times of need. 

Reasons People Come

Support comes in many forms, counselling can offer a source of relief and comfort in difficult times.

Seeking professional support can really be beneficial. People do so for a variety of reasons, sometimes it is better to talk about troubling matters with someone who is not so close to us.