Julia Godden

counsellor and trauma therapist

Hello, I’m glad you’re here. 

Prior to my work as a therapist, I worked within the field of social and community care for 20+ years.

My interest and work in a therapeutic modality began in 2003 with initial training within a counselling framework before coming back for further training within integrative counselling in 2017. 

I am a Trauma and Somatic Therapist and Counsellor.

I am an Artist, and my background includes a time  as Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher so my knowledge and way of working is rooted within a mind/body/energy approach working both somatically and psychologically. 

I am informed by different traditions for transformation, growth and development which has enabled me to deepen my capacity to walk alongside a wide range of people exactly where they are.

I offer you support with any difficulty; in any amount of pain or discomfort you feel. 

This allows me to facilitate the therapeutic process with compassion.

My values include individual difference, integrity, ethics and following an inner compass and one’s own path.

You will hopefully feel heard and respected.

My life experience has been enriched with many deep and profound teachings and wisdom. I bring this, as part of myself into the therapy room with my own grounded understanding of various theories to inform our work, in collaboration, bringing person centred and psychodynamic models along with neurobiological understanding. 

 I work alot and well with people navigating changes, throughout the stages of life and aging. 

I work with a variety of artists, specifically in theatre. 

I have ongoing, continual  interest in working with loss and bereavement. With grief of any kind.

I am particularly interested in working with people most impacted by ill health or invisible illness and chronic pain.  

My practice is LGBTQIA+| GSRD affirmative. I welcome supporting clients within this community. 

I aim to be anti-oppressive in my practice, working diversely and includes challenging my own biases and awareness of my privilege.

My life’s work is; to be with an emerging process that supports a breaking open to a deeper truth. To feel more alive, whole.

I aim to facilitate a process where you feel more of an integrated or congruent self, with a sense of deeper acceptance of the self and not be so limited by the conditions we (can unknowingly) take on. It is a process of inquiry. Growing in awareness, understanding, unravelling and building capacity.

We can do this much easier when we feel supported.

I can support you in that. 

The best way of deciding if you would like to work with me is to have a conversation by clicking the link below

More information

Memberships & Certifications

  • 2015 Member of BACP
  • 2018 Certified in E.F.T and Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner
  • 2020 Member of Counsellors Together Members Club
  • 2023 Psychotherapists and counsellors for social responsibility
  • 2023 Member of NCPS

Relavant education

  • 2003 Certificate ‘Option Process’ Mentor/Counsellor
  • 2009 Diploma Visual Arts 
  • 2009 level 1/2 Certificate Yoga and Meditation
  • 2017  Diploma Therapeutic Counselling 
  • 2018 Level 1/ 2 Certificate EFT and Matrix Reimprinting
  • 2020 Certificate Online Counselling
  • 2023  Adv. Diploma Trauma and Somatic therapy
  • 2023 Adv. Certificate Parts work 
  • 2024 Certificate in Traumatic Stress, Trauma Research institute (ongoing)
  • 2024 Certificate in internal family Systems, inner circle training (ongoing)

Professional Experience

  • An extensive history of employment within housing, social and community care services supporting a varied population of adults and young people created an understanding for Trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences. 
  • Teacher, and Teacher Training in Yoga and Meditation informs my current professional practice, as does my work within art and creativity. 
  • I have worked within Arts therapy and Arts for health. 
  •  I have provided counselling within an agency setting specialised in substance misuse. 
  •  A hospice where counselling provision was offered to bereaved, carers and people with life limiting illness.
  • A charity for people diagnosed with CRPS 
  • I provide low cost counselling through a Wellbeing Program. 
  • I provide counselling t a local organisation, five valleys counselling service. 
  • I support people within the arts