In-clinic sessions

 Nailsworth, Gloucestershire 



remote sessions

Take place on the telephone or a secure online platform. 

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Feeling Anxious? There may be a specific reason why you feel this way, or you may not know. We can talk about it together. You may experience feelings of overwhelm or panic. You may find anxiety gets in the way of living your life.
Let us talk about how this shows up in your experiences and look at ways to cope better.


You have been feeling extremely low, either with a diagnosis of depression or you feel like you could be, leaving a feeling of hopelessness and finding the day to day very challenging. Either way, we can explore this more fully.


We can explore any aspect of relationship issues from your orientation to entering into relationships, to intimate or family dynamics. Is there a specific relationship you are having difficulties with?
Perhaps a break up from an intimate partner, spouse or even friend that you want to talk about.

Life transitions

Something has changed, either an external situation is different or you may just feel inwardly different. Maybe you're going through something that shifts your inner thinking that you want to inquire into and seek to adjust or accept.


You may have ongoing health challenges, a new diagnosis or even notice a difference in your health, physically or psychologically. We can work together to look at how to deal with your health situation.

Grief & Loss

You might have recently experienced some kind of loss, a grief or anticipatory grief
There are many kinds of grief, not just in relation to death and dying. Any loss can be attributed to grief.
You might want to explore an older grief that is still on your mind or a current loss.
Whatever it is, we can talk about it together.

What is Offered


Offered in person and online, via a secure platform or on the telephone if you prefer. More details about what counselling entails can be found HERE

More about what happens in our time together can be found in the common questions below.


We meet one-one weekly, if you decide to continue beyond the initial session. I suggest to continue for at least 6 weeks, but it is up to you to decide. I work for limited sessions and also open ended. 

Regular reviews will be part of our work together. 

Sometimes, we might decide to change the duration or the way we meet. 

The most important part of our work is that you are getting what you are seeking in way of support. 

For Adults

I work with anyone over the age of 18. 

common questions

It is not known ahead of time when you might feel differently, clarity about your situation is revealed over time. There are no promises of a certain type of outcome but through the conditions I provide you, grants a certain sense of trust to evolve, which allows a greater freedom for exploring the work we do collaboratively. 

We will continue to review how things are going, and work accordingly. It’s up to you how long you want to work together. I suggest it takes at least 6 sessions to get something worthwhile, this allows any initial feelings, like nervousness to dissipate. 

We meet for a full hour, on line to allow for any disruption to the connection, Face to face sessions will be  50 minutes unless we discuss an alternative working agreement. 

This can be discussed. 

We will agree the terms of our arrangement in a working agreement, that is most suited to you. 

Usually, at least for a few weeks, weekly sessions is recommended. You might choose to drop to fortnightly after you feel you have noticed significant changes in your circumstance. 

Then you might wish to have monthly check-ins. I aim to support you in a way that suits your needs. 

Our working time will be kept to our regular meeting times. You are welcome to bring any notes you have made to discuss. 

You can call me or text on 07747843287

There is an option to have a  free introductory call to ensure you get the right support, in the best possible way. This can be done via a secure platform such as Zoom, on the phone if that is your preference.

Alternatively you may wish to book a full session, where we will then decide whether we will continue working together. 

You can email me at

You can add your details to my contact form HERE

You can find out more about the initial call HERE

The cost, whether face to face, telephone, email or video sessions is £52 

I do have two spaces available at a reduced cost, to be discussed based on individual circumstances or household income. 

It’s so important to have a good feeling about your therapist, this is why I will offer a free call so that you can find out how it might be to work with me. 

You don’t have to make a decision on the spot you can give it some thought and come back to me.  

The choice is always yours, this depends of what you are bringing to work with I can work open ended with you, or short term. 

Its very individualised, and Its good to have an opportunity to work more deeply post 3 months. 

I would say it is good to have at least 8 sessions. We would review how things are going periodically. Checking in to ensure that you are getting needs met. 

I work face to face in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.

Please refer to the confidentiality part of the working agreement. Yes, there are limits around what is legal, safety and harm. But everything you bring will remain within our work. I do take the work to supervision where I discuss my way of working, and around themes but your details are kept to a minimum. 

Please email, phone or make contact through the booking form here