Introductory Call

finding out what's beneficial FOR YOU at this time

What happens in this call?
We will have 20 minutes together, on zoom or telephone in which time you will get a better sense of me and how I work. There is no cost for this session.

The Purpose of the Initial Call

I understand that choosing a counsellor can be daunting, particularly if it’s your first time. You can only get so much about a potential therapist from their online presence so I like to give all my clients a chance to connect before choosing to work with me. 

You will get the opportunity to share more about what you want help with, and what you wish to bring and what you would like to gain.

There will also be time to talk about HOW I might help you. Or whiter you will be best suited to another way of working.

The session is about ensuring you are going to get what you need. Your progress is important. 

You will not be under again obligation to make a decision ‘on the spot’ you are very welcome to go away and think about it. 

If we choose to go on to work together, we will arrange our first session to cover the working agreement and contract. You can find out about my fees here

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If you would like to book the chat please do get in touch here